Health Guardian

Health Guardian is a comprehensive service designed to cater to the health and wellness needs of the elderly in the comfort of their homes. This service focuses on providing personalized and convenient healthcare solutions to seniors, ensuring their comfort and well-being.

Regular Home Visits by Physicians and Physiotherapists: Scheduled visits from experienced physicians and physiotherapists provide routine medical check-ups, treatment, and physical therapy sessions, tailored to each individual’s health requirements.

Personalized Health Records: Maintains detailed and updated health records for each elderly individual, facilitating effective monitoring and management of their health status.

Medicine Delivery to Home: Offers the convenience of home delivery of prescribed medications, ensuring timely access to essential drugs without the need to travel to pharmacies.

Lab Investigations with Discounted Tariff: Provides lab investigation services at home with discounted rates, making it cost-effective and convenient for seniors to undergo necessary tests and screenings.

Ambulance Services to ANOHRA Hospital: In case of emergencies, prompt ambulance services are available to transport the elderly to the nearest ANOHRA Hospital, ensuring quick and efficient medical attention.

This service is particularly beneficial for elderly individuals who may face challenges in visiting healthcare facilities due to mobility issues or chronic health conditions. It emphasizes comfort, convenience, and personalized care, allowing seniors to maintain their health and independence while living at home.

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