Kanga and Roo Services

“Kanga and Roo Services” is a comprehensive care service that specializes in catering to the unique needs of newborn babies and their mothers. This service encompasses a range of essential care and support options designed to ensure the well-being and health of both the infant and the mother during the postnatal period.

Newborn Baby Care: Provides expert care for newborns, including feeding, diapering, and monitoring of the baby’s health and development.

Breastfeeding Care: Offers guidance and assistance to mothers with breastfeeding, ensuring a successful and comfortable breastfeeding experience.

Personalized Care: Tailors care plans to meet the specific needs and preferences of both the mother and the baby, recognizing that each family’s requirements are unique.

Post Delivery Mother Care: Focuses on the physical and emotional recovery of mothers after childbirth, offering support and guidance to promote a healthy postnatal period.

Counseling and Emotional Support for the Mother: Recognizes the emotional challenges that come with childbirth and provides counseling and emotional support to help mothers navigate this critical time.

Affordable and Easily Accessible Service: Strives to make postnatal care accessible and affordable, ensuring that all mothers and newborns can benefit from these essential services.

“Kanga and Roo Services” falls under the categories of Home Care and Remote Monitoring, catering to the needs of pregnant and postpartum mothers and their newborns. This service is marked by its commitment to personalized and compassionate care, enhancing the overall well-being of both mother and child during this important phase of life.

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