75 for 75 events

Alumni Dean GMC, Nagpur Confluence


The 2nd of October marked a memorable day in the heart of the nation and GMC Nagpur as the whole nation witnessed a remarkable event, being the 75th anniversary celebration of the prestigious Alumni of GMC Nagpur. The alma matter came together to celebrate the platinum jubilee themed, “Alumni Dean GMC, Nagpur Confluence “.


The program which started from 6.30pm till midnight on the 2nd of October was attended by GMC Nagpur alma matter from all over India and all over the world. It was held on Zoom platform.


The special occasion being a virtual meeting was attended by GMC Nagpur alumni members from all over India and all over the world. It started with an extravagant ‘Confluence’ of 50 Dean and ExDean among the Alumni of GMC Nagpur.


This platinum jubilees celebration which was conceptualised and organised by GMC Nagpur Alumni Online and funded by Hope Medical Education and Research Foundation’s Trust, Nagpur witnessed the participation of one thousand attendees as it was streamed live on Zoom platform and another 1000 people across other social media platforms with about 1 Lakh people watching the event live on TV news channel “Maharashtra TV 24.


Also, noteworthy to mention that took place were fifty Alumni Dean Felicitations and fifty Proud Alumni felicitating the Alumni Dean.


The attendance of 1952 to 2018 alumni members was another caption about the event as it also witnessed the attendance of fifty-five Alumni Organizing Team.


Also noted in attendance was a Padmabhushan Awardee Alumni, the attendance of three Padmashree Alumni Awardees and attendance of three Dr. B.C. Roy National Awardee Alumni members.


This isn’t all that happened, seventeen Alumni Artist of Brush & Canvas (ABC) sharing their Art works for felicitation to light up the event as 175 Art work were shared during the event.


The webinar witnessed the performance of Alumni Artist of Sound & Rhythm (ASAR) amidst the wild cheers and laughter that cheered the special occasion.


It is noteworthy to state that prestigious and eminent individuals attended the event, some of the notable alumni who joined are Dr Praveen Gedam, Additional CEO of NHA, Dr Parikshit Zade, Dr Sandeep Rathod senior IAS officers and alumni of GMC Nagpur.


The chief guest of the event in the person of Dr Sanjay Mukherjee, Vice-Chairman and MD of CIDCO. Previously, Principal Secretary, Medical Education, Food and Drugs Administration was in attendance. 

The program which was of six and half hour’s duration was streamed live across ten social media platforms that includes Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitter, websites and news channels. 


It was live-streamed on the Alumni website and MaharashtraTv24 website and TV channels. It was also live-streamed on Linkedin, Facebook, YouTube and Twitter.


The celebration may be over, but the memories stay with us, this is why recorded versions of the event have been made for viewing. 


Taken into account that people would desire to watch a recorded version, provision was made available to watch this event across the social media listings as follows:


GMC Nagpur Alumni online website. www.gmcnagpuralumni.com


Facebook https://www.facebook.com/gmcnagpuralumni


Youtube https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCQEPslLq5h1MT7AkWEvF41g


Linkedin https://twitter.com/hopehospital


News website channel www,maharashtratv24.in


Twitter https://twitter.com/hopehospital

This event was also sponsored and supported by Hope Hospital, Nagpur and Ayushman Nagpur Hospital.

Guests in attendance had lots of wonderful things to say about the event. Here are some of the comments guests who were in attendance had to say about the special occasion:

Dr. Sanjay Mukherjee (The Chief Guest Speaker)

Dr. Sanjay felt very honoured, privileged and humbled to be a part of the gathering; he said many others were far more qualified and erudite to grace the chair of chief guest but was found worthy to take up the position. He said, ‘I humbly acknowledge all my seniors and humbly acknowledge the erudite medical faculties and doctors in this forum.’

Dr. Sanjay couldn’t help but go down memory lane recalling that GMC was founded in the year 1947, alongside independence. The institution was initially a school before upgrading to a college. ‘My father was also an alumnus and it was his dream that I also graduated from GMC. His younger brothers were into civil engineering supervisory works and so on so I was torn between studying engineering, as his younger brothers wanted me to do and medicine which my father wanted. eventually, I became a medical graduate and was selected to attend Memorial College. In those days, it was and still is difficult to get admission into the college.

 Dr. Sanjay didn’t get a chance to work in the medical field but he became the secretary of medical education. He said that he discovered a lot of fascinating and interesting facts about GMC; he said that 50% of all teaching doctors in Maharashtra state, India came from GMC. Certain important departments in some institutions are from GMC; lots of alumni have chartered new courses in the medical field.

GMC has nurtured and created a new generation and generations to come and as far as teaching is concerned, GMC is one of the best schools and has dominated the teaching line.

He praised the dedication and hard work the medical personnel, many who are GMC alumni put in during the Corona outbreak, praising their courage as they entered into the COVID wards and set up labs.  

He owed the strategies he was able to put in place to curtail and manage the pandemic to the learning he got from GMC. Today, they export equipment, masks and other valuable instruments that help in prevention of the virus and he believes that this shows the great potentials they have.

Dr. Kalilullah, Proud Alumni

‘It is a great occasion, I must say. GMC has been an enormous contribution to all of us; our careers and achievements.’

 He said that many alumni have honoured the institution by the contributions they have made to the scientific world to progress in research and getting both in the national and international awards. He said these accomplishments are tributed to GMC teachers and deans who have done so much for the students.

 He was so overwhelmed, saying, ‘This is a great feeling that cannot be expressed in words; I hope they live long, healthy lives even as they contribute to the growth of the institution. I am so happy you invited me to participate, to be part of this function and I am happy to join you all; I’m seeing faces I haven’t seen in a very long while!’


Dr. Ved Prakash Mishra, Proud Alumni

With great pleasure, I join all the learned, previous speakers in recording my strongest sense of compliment for a very notable and laudable initiative. Words will fall short record my sense of admiration. I salute all my learned teachers, seniors, contemporaries and I embrace my young brothers and sisters who were my juniors.

Dr. Ved brought out a metaphysical principle that he believes was and still is applied at GMC. Using physics, he said mass has value. Anything that matters has mass; it has value and density. Mass converts to weight through the formula m*g=w where m is mass, g is acceleration and w is weight. However, he has brought in a deeper meaning to this formula where m is matter, that is all the alumni and students of GMC matter. G stands for the gurus responsible for creating GMC and the knowledge they impart. The w is the end product which is worth that is now in every GMC student.

 He concluded by saying that this celebration was a congregation of solidarity and togetherness.

Dr. Ashish Banginwar expressed his thanks, pride and happiness to be privileged to be part of the event, praising the initiative behind it.

Dr. Ashok Pathak of 1965 batch said, ‘I am very happy and proud of my alma matter.’

‘This is a great honour for all of us, GMC alumni and teachers,’ commented Dr. Uday Bodhankar.

Dr. Ashok Rathod said, ‘I am very proud I’m from GMC, Nagpur; my life has been given by GMC, Nagpur.’

Dr. Sanjay Mukherjee said that when he was informed of the confluence, he believed it was a good idea and a unique way of celebrating GMC’s jubilee. He remarked the event as a successful one.

Dr.Vaibhav Bhanawat is the project leader of the event. He is a medical director in a multinational company and specialises in occupational health. He has been organising Alumni events for GMC, Nagpur for the last 6 years in Pune, Mumbai and Delhi. His genuine efforts to make this bonafide initiative a success was appreciated by Dr.Murali. Dr.Murali said that the way he has exerted and tried to put all alumni on a  common pedestal and frame is unparalleled and exceptional. He had to taken the initiative to bind alumni together. Dr. Nandini Gokulchandra was the chief Master of ceremony of the event.  She is the Deputy Director, Head -Medical Services, Consultant Regenerative Medicine, NeuroGen Brain and Spine institute, KLS centre for anti-aging and integrative therapies, Navi Mumbai,India.

Dr. Mrunalini Mahurkar Naik, Dr. Sonali Kodange, Dr. Prathima Radhakrishnan, and Dr. Prashant Bhutade were MOCs of various sections of the event

Alumni Artists of Sound and Rhythm (ASAR) who performed were Dr. Uday Gupte,  Dr. Gautam Khakse,  Dr. Shshikant Khaire,  Arun Patil and Dr. Mangesh Kulkarni were the 

Alumni  Artists of Brush and Canvas (ABC) whose paintings were displayed were Dr.  Madhavi  Mehendale, Dr. Maya Bhalerao, Dr. Megha Deshmukh, Dr. Neeta  Saraj,Dr. Rajesh Ranade and Dr. Anuradha  Deshpande

The organisation has declared that 75 such events will be conducted during the Platinum jubilee year. While one event might officially be over, individuals who desire to establish communications in any matter related to this event and future events may do so by getting in touch with Dr.Vaibhav Bhanawat on +91 99875 39427.